Mothers Day Special Edition 2020 from The Informer.

This Mother’s Day we will not be able to take our Mom’s out to a nice meal. 

Try something new by starting her day off with a good meal in bed. Breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to start a day of pampering for that special Mom in your life. 

Preparing breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be a five-star meal with complex dishes, it does take a little organization and planning to ensure a delivery before she gets out of bed. 

Planning breakfast in bed, do you know her favorite way to start the day? If not ask a few questions spread out over a couple of conversation as not to raise suspicion.  Once you know what she likes, plan the menu. Make a list of all the things you will need: ingredients, utensils, table ware, don’t forget a flower, card or decoration to make the experience extra special.

Now that you have a menu, make a list of items you can prepare the day before. For example, if you are making baked goods such as muffins or scones you can bake them the day before and heat them up the next morning. All ingredients for omelets can be diced and sliced ready to use that morning. Many recipes for French toast or oats have overnight recipes that can make the morning a breeze. 

The morning of, you have to get up first! Start with bringing up the favorite morning beverage; coffee, tea, juice or a small bowl of fruit on a tray with your decoration or card. This will give her something to focus on instead of wondering what kind of mess you are making, while you prepare the rest of the meal. 

After you have made the rest of meal, take it to her with everything she would need to enjoy the meal. 

Now for the most important part of this. Are you reading? this is so important and will sure to impress. While she is eating the lovely breakfast in bed you made for her, go clean the kitchen. It should be spotless, this will ensure to get smiles all day long.  


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