Left: Honorable Robbie Gabbert, Adams County Court Judge, Center: Justice R. Pat DeWine from the Ohio Supreme Court, and Right: Honorable Brett M Spencer, Adams County Common Pleas Judge. Photo by Amy Sheeley / The Informer

In an effort to improve courthouse security and to help the process of entrance to the courthouse; a group of people who work in and around the courthouse set to work. Honorable Brett M Spencer, Adams County Common Pleas; Judge Honorable Robbie Gabbert, Adams County Court Judge; Ty Pell, Adams County Commissioner; Diane Ward, Adams County Commissioner; Barbara Moore, Adams County Commissioner; David C Hook, Adams County Engineer; David Kelley, Adams County Prosecuting Attorney; Mark Tolle, Adams County Recorder; Kimmy Rogers, Sheriff; Lisa A. Newman, Treasurer; David Gifford, Adams County Auditor; and Larry Heller, Adams County Clerk of Courts; all played a part in the project and grant application.

The grant is through the Ohio Supreme Court for Technology improvement. Each year Ohio Courts are encouraged to apply for grants that fall into one of the following categories; upgrades to systems, hardware or equipment, or the purchase of new. This is the sixth year of the program run by the Ohio Supreme Court. Over those six years seventeen million dollars have been awarded throughout Ohio. This year 43.2 million is being awarded to over 54 projects across the state. The project for the Adams County Courthouse has been awarded $34,400 for new x-ray equipment.

Justice R. Pat DeWine from the Ohio Supreme Court traveled to the Adams County Courthouse on February 7 to present the check for the grant being awarded to the courthouse. “The Supreme Court of Ohio thinks it is critical for courts across Ohio to have updated technology. We understand funds can be hard to get. This is why the program was developed.”

DeWine Invited Judge Gabbard to come up and accept the check on behalf of the group. Judge Gabbard said, “This will be used to ensure the people are safe in this building, whatever their business is here. They should feel safe. The x-ray equipment will be installed and used at the single front entrance to scan briefcases, bags, coats and other items.” Judge Gabbard continued, “Bottlenecks accrue on days when Judge Spencer may have a jury trial, I may have 100 people downstairs, along with the daily people in the building. The x-ray equipment is designed to keep the people moving through at a quicker pace and to increase safety.”


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