On Saturday, March 14th at West Union High School, the country band “Life on the Edge” will be giving a concert at the high school at 7:00.

The band was started as a project at performing arts camp, and has continued through the school year meeting every day. The first semester, the group performed three concerts on the showboat majestic for their opening ceremonies, along with a Christmas program. The first semester focused on “old” country and gospel tunes, and this semester the focus has been on “new” country.

Life on the Edge, performing at The Majestic Christmas, Photo by The Informer

The band consists of: Jachin Irwin- vocals and guitar, Grant McCarty- Vocals and Guitar, Dakota Pell- Vocals and bass, and Josh Fenton- vocals and drums. There are also several solo singers that will perform with the band: Hannah Blythe, Raegan Faulkner, Kristin Grooms, Samantha Huffman, Savannah MacDowell, Anna Olderham, and Anna Shupert. The band is under the direction of Carl Schneider and Alisha Porter.

The tickets can be purchased at the door, and is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students. The proceeds will be used to help purchase equipment for our country band, Life on the Edge.


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