WU Theft Suspect Bound Over to Grand Jury


A Preliminary hearing was held on Thursday, December 26th in Adams county Court for suspect Ezekiel Robison. Sgt. Brian Newland from the Adams County sheriff’s Office testified that Robison was the suspect that the Ohio Highway Patrol Swat team and Sheriff’s Deputies arrested on December 14th 16523 S.R. 125 in Lynx. 

From that arrest investigation a stolen handgun was recovered from a cement mixer on the property that had been taken from a vehicle on High Street in West Union. The victim testified that the gun, a Bersa .380, was taken out of his vehicle while it was parked in the driveway of his house. He identified his gun from photos that the assistant prosecutor showed him. Sgt. Newland said that in alleged suspect Ezekiel Robison’s interview he told Sgt. Newland that he gave the gun to Micah Parker. Sgt. Newland interviewed Micah Parker and he said Ezekiel Robison wrapped the gun in a red t-shirt and hid it in the cement mixer. Sgt. Newland said that both are suspects in two residential burglaries with 29 guns taken. They are also believed to be involved in multiple vehicle break-ins in the village of West Union and the surrounding area. 

Sgt. Newland said that he executed a search warrant on a tablet belonging to Robison where he had posted several guns for sale on social media sites. Sgt. Newland said that he has been working with the West Union Police Department to assist them in solving their cases as well as the county cases. Ezekiel Robison was bound over to the grand jury on possession on the stolen gun.


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