Venture Hawks to take on Sheriff’s Department


The much in anticipated annual Venture Productions Hawks versus the Adams County Sheriff’s Office basketball game will take place this weekend.

Last years game was intense. By the end of the first quarter, the Hawks took a large lead. By the fourth quarter, the gap between the Hawks and Eagles was less than five points, but the Eagles were no match for the 4th year champions. 

Players for the Adams County’s Sheriffs Office include Brian Newland, Logan Collins, John Shoppe, Alexa Roush, Anthony Blevins, Mark Brewer, Randy Walters, Kylie Walters, Brandon Swayne, Joe Voshall, Jeremy Huffman, Ashley McClure, Kris Blanton, Kenny Dick, and Donnie Edington. The Hawks will add Larry Sims from Warren County, Savalas Kidd from the Dayton Police Department, Todd Corbin and Keith Everheart from Hardin County to their line up, but the odds are still stacked against the 0-4 team coached by Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers. 

Players for the Hawks team include Michael Bailey, Alex Barr, Rachel Bushard, Crystal Dick, Charlie Gardner, famous “Dunkin” Darell Grooms, TJ Hall, Mark Helfenstine, Vince Helfenstine, Janice Jefferies, TJ Liston, Dylan Lowe, Tony Meeker, Kenny Nichols, Diane Penny, Connie Riggs, Naman Stapleton, Charlie Adkins, and Hunter Rapp. The Hawks are coached by Jacie Simon and Joe Grove. The team’s mascot is Sam Calvin.

Cheerleaders for the game will include Diane Penny, Maria Sexton, Holly Clark, Patty Lang, and Kevin Ross. The cheerleaders are coached by Carlee Crump. The Venture Ignite Dance team includes Michael Bailey, Darell Grooms, Patty Lang, TJ Liston, Diane Penny, Maria Sexton, Charlie Gardner, Andrea Spornhauer, Keith Huffman, and Connie Riggs.

“Suffered another devastating loss at the hands of the Venture Hawks,” said Sheriff Rogers. “My record is now 0-4. as coach. No matter how hard we try we just can’t beat these Hawks. Congrats Hawks on another great game.”

“Hands down, the best $5 I ever spent was going to watch the Venture Hawks take on the Adams County Sheriff’s Department,” said local business owner Patty Holsinger.  “I recommend if you have never been…go next year…you will not be sorry!”

The game will start at 2:00 PM at the West Union High School.


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