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To cap off the end of summer, groups came together and organized one of the largest events to take place locally on the Ohio River.  The “Trump Train” boat parade involved over 435 boats and hundreds of additional Jeeps and motorcycles.  The warm summer day was filled with high spirits and goodwill both on the water and the banks of the Ohio River.

The parade started out at the Manchester Island led by Clermont County residents Tim and Natalie Koehler served as the Grand Marshall of the parade using there large “Trump Train” boat.  

The event was organized by Dane Clark and Liz Lafferty in conjunction with the Adams County Republican Party and other organizations.  “So glad this day was the hugest event ever to happen in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky,” said Liz Lafferty.  “The Ohio River played host to somewhere between 435-500 boats and over 500 motorcycles and Jeeps and people should always come together for such great events to promote our county and local businesses.” 

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Adams County Sheriff Kim Rogers weighed in on the peacefulness of the events of the day.  “To the people of Adams County and surrounding counties, I am impressed that so many people could be involved in such a large parade starting in Manchester and ending in Ripley.  Regardless of political affiliation, there were no fights, no buildings burnt, no one spit in the face of local law enforcement officers, and no one was calling each other names.  Great day for Adams County.” 

The Adams County Republican Party said that the event took off like wildfire after it was announced several weeks ago.  “Our headquarters have been flooded with calls and visitors, in fact, we had over 100 visitors on Friday alone – all looking to support the President and all looking to vote a straight Republican ticket,” said Mary Jane Campbell, Secretary of the Adams County Republican Party.  

Bill Foster, who serves as Chairman of the Adams County Republican Central Committee said he was grateful for the outpouring of support.  “This by far is the largest political event in Adams County history.  Take a moment, think of this weekend and make a mental note.  It was special for sure.”  Foster went on to thank all involved.  “Liz and Dane are an incredible team.  They put this together to not only support the President but to showcase what Adams County has to offer.  It is clear that the values of the people of Adams County connect with our party – and that is why electing Donald Trump, Chris Moore, David Parrett, and Kristy Wilkin are so important.  We need them now more than ever.” 

Trump boat parades have been occurring all of the country in recent weeks.  Though most of the weekend was about President Trump, there were a few Biden supporters in the crowd.  One resident had a t-shirt hidden underneath another garment that read, “Hidin’ for Biden.”  Even a prominent local Democrat praised the event.  “Regardless of your political affiliation, today’s parade brought business and pride to our community.” 

Local supporters of Democratic candidate for President Joe Biden were planning a “Biden Block Party” on Sunday as well.  The event was postponed until a later date.  

Selected Video Clips from the Trump Boat Parade in Manchester, Ohio can be found below.


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