Several Tax Increases and Renewals Will Appear on Fall Ballot


Voters in Adams County will find several local questions and issues on their ballots this fall. There is only one countywide tax increase request. The Board of County Commissioners is asking for a 1.2 mill levy for five years for additional funding for the Adams County 911 Communications Center.

The Village of Manchester is requesting additional taxes for fire, EMS, streets and general infrastructure at 1.5 mills. The Village of West Union is requesting an additional levy of 3.5 mills for five years for fire protection. The Village of Peebles is requesting three levies – all renewals, to cover current expenses, and fire protection. In Winchester, voters will decide if they will grant a tax increase for additional street improvements and a renewal of current expenses.

In Bratton Township, voters are being asked to replace a levy of 1 mill for five years. Replacements generally mean a slight tax increase for most property owners.
There are two levies on the ballot in Green Township, both renewals. One levy is for fire protection and the other is for operating cemeteries.

In Manchester Township, voters are being asked to replace a levy for current expenses and in Oliver Township voters will decide if they want to renew the current fire levy at 1 mill. Wayne Township has also asked for a renewal of its fire protection levy at 2 mills for five years.

For local options, permission to sell wine and mixed beverages at the Seaman Food Mart will appear on the ballot. In Meigs Township, the Peebles Food Mart has requested to sell beer, wine, and mixed beverages.

Levies are expressed in millage rates, or the dollar amount per $1,000 of assessed value (35% of the appraised value). For example a levy with a 2.0 millage rate would generate $70 in tax liability on a $100,000 property. Renewal levies extend existing levies at the same millage rate. Replacement levies change existing levies’ reduced millage rates back to the full rate. These types of levies increase tax liability. And additional levies generate tax revenue through new levies, raising the total effective tax rate for a given district.

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.


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