Peebles Man Seeks the Arrest of Governor DeWine


Calvin Eli Robinson of Peebles recently filed with Clerk of Courts Larry Heller in the Adams County Court a criminal private citizen affidavit against Governor Mike DeWine seeking his arrest for seven felony and three misdemeanor offenses for his handling of the state’s coronavirus response.  Some of the criminal charges alleged in the affidavit are Terrorism, Inducing Panic, Bribery, Interfering with Civil Rights, and Patient Abuse or neglect.  

Mr. Robinson stated in his affidavit the following, “Governor Michael DeWine under the color of his office has continuously violated the separation of powers doctrine by directing, allowing, colluding, and/or conspiring with the Ohio Department of Health to issue continuous orders outside the scope of its rulemaking authority, which is tantamount to creating new laws, a duty exclusively reserved to the Ohio General Assembly.”

Additionally, Robinson stated, “Governor DeWine has also held private businesses and their corresponding licenses hostage through the use of coercion by subordinate government officials to enforce his arbitrary and unlawful orders.  Since at least March 2020, over 790,000 individuals have filed for unemployment benefits totaling over $6 billion dollars in economic harm to the taxpayers of Ohio due to these unconstitutional executive and administrative orders.  Additionally, thousands of private businesses have been forced to shut down and layoff their employees causing serious public inconvenience, alarm, and fear costing the citizens of Ohio billions of dollars in direct and indirect economic harm due to lost wages and salaries.”

Upon receipt of the affidavit, Adams County Court Judge Roy E. Gabbert, Jr. wrote in a court entry dated October 21st that after “appropriate amount of study and due consideration by this reviewing official, the below signed Traffic Judge of Adams County Court respectfully and politely declines issuing an arrest warrant for the Governor of the State of Ohio.” Judge Gabbert continued, “Instead, this matter shall be referred and forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney of Adams County for the purpose of investigation and review to determine if a complaint should be filed.”

The Informer has learned that dozens of private citizen affidavits are being filed against the governor all around the state at the behest of State Representative John Becker of Clermont County.  Becker has been leading the efforts to impeach Governor DeWine in the Ohio General Assembly. In late September, Representative Becker filed a private citizen affidavit against Governor DeWine in the Clermont County Municipal Court and has encouraged citizens to do the same in courts across the state against Governor DeWine.  In a recent Facebook post, Representative Becker stated that citizens so far have filed private citizen affidavits seeking charges against Governor DeWine in nine counties (Adams, Allen, Clermont, Lake, Lorain, Miami, Montgomery, Richland, and Wood).  

DeWine has shrugged off calls for impeachment. When asked for a comment on the accusations, DeWine’s office sent the following statement: “If this were serious, I would have a comment. Because it is patently absurd, I do not.”


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