New Owners of Former Power Plants Release Future Plans for Properties


The Informer reported last week about a Missouri based company, Commercial Liability Partners purchasing the former JM Stuart and Killen power generation facilities in southern Adams County.  According to the company, the plan is to demolish and re-purpose the sites.  

In a statement, Ron Froh, the CEO and President of Commercial Liability Partners told the Cincinnati Business Courier that the firm plans to work closely with local officials and others in the community as it enters into initial demolition and remediation operations for the plant sites.  

“Our goal on this project — as it is on every project — is to minimize disturbance to the local community and to maximize the potential for long-term opportunity at the site,” Froh said.  According to the company, it will address environmental needs of each site, including remediation, groundwater monitoring, abatement, decommissioning and demolition.  It is unclear if state officials, such as the Ohio EPA are planning to monitor the work of Commercial Liability Partners to assure local residents are protected from possible hazards from the site.  

The J.M. Stuart Station began generating power in 1974, while Killen, with one coal-fired generating unit and one oil-fired unit, began operations in 1982. It was announced by AES/DPL officials in late 2016 that the plants would close.  The plants closed in mid-2018.  


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