Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, the Adams County Fairground Gazebo has risen again.

The structure known as one of the backdrops for main events such concerts and cheer-leading competitions was torn down in April 2017 after the structure’s foundation was put into question.

“We had it taken down due to safety issues,” said Fair Board President, Liz Lafferty. According to Lafferty, the gazebo’s pillars were moving forward causing the top portion of the gazebo to shift.

Fair goers will now be welcomed by a new structure that Lafferty says is guaranteed to last for the next 100 years.

“The new structure will serve all functions needed and is closed enough to the grandstands for people to see what is going on and who is performing,” said Lafferty. “For years, we have had to pull a mobile stage in and out for entertainment. This improvement will allow for continued growth of our fair and more opportunities to showcase our youth development and educational programs”

The gazebo is still under construction but will be complete prior to the 2019 Adams County Fair. The fair will be held July 7-13.

The gazebo was funded through the Southern Ohio Agricultural Community Foundation.


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