Photo: The alleged suspect, Ezekiel Robison was booked into the Adams County Jail at 10:34 PM on Saturday.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office and several other police units were busy Saturday night as two people were taken into custody after a three-hour incident with a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team at a residence on State Route 125 in Lynx.  

According to authorities, the standoff started after a string of home and car burglaries in the West Union area.  Just this week at least seven vehicles were broken into on Mary Lane.  Items stolen included cigarettes, a key fob, wallets with bank cards, and money.  At one residence, a resident reported that their garage door opener was stolen.  Police recovered a white Nike flip-flop and had sent the item to BCI to look for further evidence.  Law enforcement spent the day on Sunday asking victims to come and try to identify some of the stolen items that they have recovered so far.  

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the West Union Police Department, the Ohio State High Patrol and the Ohio State Highway Patrol SWAT team unit responded to the scene.

Authorities reportedly located Ezekiel Robison, the alleged suspect inside the residence. According to sources, Robison refused to exit the home.  Robinson was believed to have had firearms in the house.

During the three-hour ordeal authorities received reports that a female was also present inside the home. At this time, it is not clear if the female was there willingly.

As news of the incident filled social media pages around the community, speculation was mounting and some residents were reporting shots fired and injuries.   To the contrary, Robinson was arrested without any injuries. The woman inside the residence was also taken into custody for questioning, however, according to public records was not booked in to the Adams County Jail.  


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