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ADAMS COUNTY, Ohio — At the Humane Society of Adams County (HSAC) in West Union, Ohio, there are currently 18 adoptable cats and kittens awaiting homes and another 26 cats and kittens that are still in quarantine waiting to be vaccinated and sterilized so that they will be eligible for adoption. 

Normally, cats cost the nonprofit animal welfare organization about $104 in vaccinations, sterilization, disease testing, food, staff care, and cat litter.  This fee does not include the many cats that arrive needing extra help, such as cats suffering from broken bones from car strikes and kittens requiring antibiotics for severe respiratory infections. The fee to adopt a fully-vetted cat from the animal shelter is $45.00 for an adult animal and $55.00 for a kitten. Despite these great savings, many cats and kittens linger in the shelter for weeks, months, and even years, waiting for families to come along and adopt them.

Even if you are maxed out on pets at home, you can still help local cats and kittens find a new home faster by “sponsoring” an animal. This means choosing an adoptable cat at the shelter and paying its adoption fee so that it will be more likely to be adopted by a new family. The pet becomes free to a good home, pending an approved adoption application. Seven such sponsored cats are currently available at the HSAC animal shelter, including “Begonia”, a semi-feral spayed female cat who entered the shelter as a stray in May 2019. Begonia’s adoption fee was sponsored by local Peebles residents Bill and Karen Franklin.

The Franklins are long-time supporters of HSAC and hope that their sponsorship will help Begonia find a home that accepts her for who she is – a shy girl who just wants to live in peace on her own terms. All potential adopters are still carefully screened to ensure cats go to safe homes, even if the adoption fee has been covered.

A list of adoptable cats and kittens is available by going to the animal shelter’s website at and clicking on the “Adopt/Foster” tab at the top of the home page. 

Pet sponsorships may be made securely online through the HSAC website. Sponsors may honor individuals, families, clubs, or businesses. Sponsorships also make great birthday and anniversary gifts, especially during this pandemic when restaurants and entertainment venues are closed. HSAC is a 501c3 charitable organization. Donations in the form of sponsorships are tax-deductible.

If you would like to donate funds to help homeless cats get adopted, please visit and click on the “Sponsor-A-Pet” tab.

For more information about the Humane Society of Adams County, or to volunteer your time or services, please call 937-544-8585 or email


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