Local Family Catches Burglar on Thanksgiving Morning

For one local family, the Thanksgiving holiday had an interesting start on Thursday.

Deputy Mark Brewer leads Burton away after arresting him on Thanksgiving morning.


According to police records, 31-year-old Dustin Burton was arrested on breaking and entering charges, theft, and receiving stolen property.  The family says that Burton, in broad daylight, attempted to steal a Kabota parked in front of a home, drove it to the outside building, kicked the door in of an unlocked building, and took a gas can.  

Dustin Burton ACSO intake photo

The property is located at 172253 State Route 41 outside of West Union and is owned by Larry and Rosie Young.  In an interview on Friday, Rosie Young said that her son, Anthony stopped Burton on the Kabota.  Young was carrying his shaving bag and it is believed that Burton thought it was a firearm.  Moments later, Rosie Young exited the home with a loaded high-powered rifle and threatened Burton that “she would shoot his ass” if he tried to escape. The family held Burton until authorities arrived.  “Anthony ran track in school and is a fast runner, and that helped catch him,” said Rosie Young.  

According to sources, Burton was driving a stolen vehicle and ran out of gas on State Route 41 leading him to search for a gas can on the Young property.  

Burton was transported and booked in the Adams County Jail where he is currently being held.  


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