Judge Rules in Favor of Brush Creek Motorsports; Race Held This Weekend


Adams County Common Pleas Judge Brett Spencer ruled on Friday afternoon that Brush Creek Motorsports was permitted to hold a race this past weekend.

The Adams County Health Department had voiced concerns about the event and asked for the courts to decide if the event should proceed.

Health Commissioner William Hablitzel, Jason Work, and Prosecutor Kelley were present representing the County. The Partin family was present representing Brush Creek Motorsports Complex. The race, known as the “Social Distancing Special” was under multiple restrictions and strict social distancing will occur.

Late Friday, the Informer received a copy of the order from the Clerk of Courts. The Journal Entry reads:

It is hereby ordered that Brush Creek Motorsports shall be permitted on Saturday, May 10th and each weekend thereafter, to hold a race with the following restrictions:

-No one is permitted in the grandstands

-No one is permitted to view the race from the top of the hill in their car

-Drivers must wear helmets or masks at all times and pit crew members, to total no more than four per vehicle including the driver, must wear masks all all times covering both their mouth and nose

-There shall be no out of state driver’s permitted unless it is their primary occupation and/or source of income

-No concessions are permitted

-Only one person permitted in the restroom at a time

-Everyone is required to have a temperature check upon entering the complex, and anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be permitted to remain at the racetrack.”

The race was steamed live on a pay-per-view basis.  The Adams County Health Department had not released a statement as of press time, however, members of the department were not happy with the courts decision.  One health department official even posted on the live feed of the hearing, “Why should there even be a health department????,” in response to Judge Spencer’s decision.  

The next race at Brush Creek Motorsports Complex will be held on Saturday, May 16th. 


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