Car with Winner of Auction
Photo: Rachael Hazelbaker Hamilton/The Informer

The Humane Society of Adams County concluded a silent auction of a 2002 Saturn automobile from June 14 through June 29, 2020. The vehicle was generously donated by Brenda Wooten of Blue Creek, Ohio.  The winning bid was placed by Mr. Richard Heater of West Union. Mr. Heater purchased the vehicle as a gift to his granddaughter, Andrea. It will be her first car. 

Heater said he was glad to help the animal shelter. He has 3 dogs & 4 cats of his own including one cat that is 24-25 years old. The Humane Society would like to thank everyone involved with the donation and auction of the car. We thank our local papers and radio stations that donated space and air-time to help advertise the auction. A special thank you to Barry’s Chevrolet/Buick for allowing the vehicle to be displayed on their lot, as well as handling the paperwork.

All proceeds from the sale of the car will go toward helping homeless pets in need in Adams County. 

For more information about the Humane Society of Adams County, please visit our website at 


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