The much-anticipated Venture Hawks versus the Adams County Sheriff’s Office annual basketball game took place over the weekend at West Union High School.

            Leading up to the game, Sheriff Kimmy Rogers and Venture Productions, Inc. went back and forth on social media. One notable post includes details of Sheriff Rogers “paying the game officials off.” In response, Rogers said, “Venture Hawks thought I was paying off the ref. In reality, I was only getting change for a 20. Our team is so good this year that I won’t have to pay the ref, I meant to say I won’t need change this year.”

            Prior to the games, Rogers said, “I feel so confident about our game tomorrow that I will make this pledge to the Venture Hawks. If for some unforeseen reason you were to defeat the mighty Eagles, I will buy dinner at Frisch’s for the Hawks players, cheerleaders and dance team after the game. Knowing my team, I feel safe in making this pledge”.  Later on, Sunday afternoon, Rogers joined Larry Heller, Barbara Moore, and Dane Clark, Steve Cacaro in purchasing a victory lunch for the Hawks at Frisch’s Restaurant. 

            The Adams County Sheriff’s Department was no match for the 5-0 team. Venture Hawks dominated the gymnasium with a score of 55-49.

Venture Hawks dominated the gymnasium with a final score of 55-49. Photos by: Rachel Hazelbaker-Hamilton / The Informer.

            After the game, Coach Rogers posted on his social media page, “Suffered another devastating loss at the hands of the Venture Hawks. My record is now 0-5. as coach. No matter how hard we try we just can’t beat these Hawks. Congrats Hawks on another great game.”  Rogers continued, “The two things I look forward to every year is Jr. Deputy Boot Camp and Venture Hawks basketball game.  As bad as I hate to say it, the best team won,” said Rogers. 

            Players for the Adams County Sheriffs Office included Brian Newland, Logan Collins, John Shoppe, Alexa Roush, Anthony Blevins, Mark Brewer, Randy Walters, Kylie Walters, Brandon Swayne, Joe Voshall, Jeremy Huffman, Ashley McClure, Kris Blanton, Kenny Dick, and Donnie Edington. The Eagles added Larry Sims from Warren County, Savalas Kidd from the Dayton Police Department, Todd Corbin and Keith Everheart from Hardin County.

            Players for the Hawks team included Michael Bailey, Alex Barr, Rachel Bushard, Crystal Dick, Charlie Gardner, famous “Dunkin” Darell Grooms, TJ Hall, Mark Helfenstine, Vince Helfenstine, Janice Jefferies, TJ Liston, Dylan Lowe, Tony Meeker, Kenny Nichols, Diane Penny, Connie Riggs, Naman Stapleton, Charlie Adkins, and Hunter Rapp. The Hawks are coached by Jacie Simon and Joe Grove. The team’s mascot is Sam Calvin.

            Cheerleaders for the game included Diane Penny, Maria Sexton, Holly Clark, Patty Lang, and Kevin Ross. The cheerleaders are coached by Carlee Crump. The Venture Ignite Dance team includes Michael Bailey, Darell Grooms, Patty Lang, TJ Liston, Diane Penny, Maria Sexton, Charlie Gardner, Andrea Spornhauer, Keith Huffman, and Connie Riggs.

            The much-anticipated “special announcement” was also revealed during the game. Maria Sexton, Ignite Dance team members will be performing the National Anthem at a Cincinnati Reds game in July. Sexton has performed at many sporting events and continues to lend her talents to this yearly game.

            “Thank you to EVERYONE who joins together to support people with disabilities and make this event such a memorable day! This year was the largest turn out yet! It was a close game but the Venture Hawks defeated the Adam’s County Sheriff Eagles! Thank you Kimmy, The Eagles, and The Eagle Cheer squad for giving it your all!” read a social media post game from Venture Productions, Inc.,” said Liz Lafferty.

Some Highlight Photos from the Game

Additional game and event photos can be found on The Informer Facebook Page at this link.

The online version of this story contains corrections from the print version appearing in the 2/25/2020 edition of the Informer.


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