**** Breaking News **** 6PM 3/31/2020

GE’s Peebles Test Operation To Undergo Massive Layoffs

Peebles, OH | The Peebles Test Operation (PTO) facility in Peebles informed its employees in the letter sent by email that it had finalized its “…temporary lack of work (TLOW) impact at Peebles.” After receiving the email from an unidentified source, the results of PTO finalization, according to the communication from Dave Groth, Plant Manager, is that 268 non-exempt employees and 76 exempt employees will be placed on TLOW (laid off) beginning April 6, 2020 with a tentative return date of May 4, 2020.

The communication to employees also states that a permanent reduction in force was previously announced. The Informer had received unconfirmed information last week that the previously announced reduction was slated to be around 10% of the total workforce at PTO. The communication also states that the reduction in force and TLOW is imperative, “…to allow our business to function through these challenging times…”. With the reduction in customer demand from the COVID-19 outbreak being cited as the cause.

The communication attached below for reference, also goes on to state what non affected employees will be focused on during the TLOW period and requests patience and diligence from employees in coming days as the work through it together.

In February of 2020, the Peebles Test Operation laid-off all of its contract labor workers (approx 65 people), that were hired through Addeco Staffing. When The Informer asked for comment on that layoff, Richard Gorham with Global Communications for GE Aviation, had this to say, “We are working closely with Boeing and our airline customers to ensure the safe return to service of the 737 MAX. We are partnering with our customers and suppliers to mitigate the impact of the temporary shutdown of the 737 MAX, while protecting the company’s ability to accelerate production as needed in the future. Our employees are central to protecting our ability to accelerate production in the future. We are working to minimize impact on our workforce through a variety of means.” That layoff being attributed the more than a year long grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

These permanent reductions in force and temporary layoffs are just more examples of the rocky economic situations that Adams Countians have become used to in the past several years. Plant closures, reductions in workforce, economic stagnation, and local businesses continuing to shut down, currently look to be the future Adams County has slated for itself. Especially now as its residents, and all Ohioans, stay at home in hopes of remaining happy, healthy, and hopefully still employed.


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