With love in the air, the Family Dollar stores of West Union, Winchester, Seaman, Manchester and Otway donated Valentine treats to local nursing homes.

The employees of Winchester Family Dollar.

The local stores donated nearly 1000 items to local nursing homes.  These items include: chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers, and other candies.  West Union and Winchester donated over 200 items, Manchester donated over 120 items, and the Family Dollar Otway donated over 300 items.

Winchester’s store manager Cindy Chain said, “I think it’s wonderful the stores to do this. The more we can help the community the more aware of the people around them.” She later went on to say,“Most of our costumers did not expect to hear that we were donating to local nursing homes.  It puts it foremost in their mind to think about the elderly. I believe most forget about the patients of the nursing homes. “

According to Master of Health Care, more than 50% of nursing home residents don’t have close relatives to care for them once the residents start living in the home.  

The donation drive started out as a suggestive selling contest among the stores. According to Chain, the friendly contest among the different stores turned into the customers buying the gifts and then donating them to the stores for nursing homes. 


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