Adams County Humane Agent James McDonald and Adams County Dog Warden Donnie Swayne were called in mid-June to investigate a report of possible animal neglect in the county. Upon arriving at the scene, the agents discovered a brown pony being housed in a small outdoor paddock with no shelter. The pony, nicknamed “Charlie”, was emaciated, had overgrown hooves, and had a bone malformation/indent on the bridge of his nose, most likely caused by the halter being too tight during his growing years. The pony was surrendered to the animal shelter and has since been gelded and has had his hooves trimmed. He is currently available for adoption and already has several applications. 

The Humane Society of Adams County would like to thank all agencies involved in the rescue of this animal. Caring for the innocent, voiceless animals of a community is a difficult, expensive, and often emotionally-charged task. When groups work together to provide assistance and support, the job is made much easier for everyone.

All suspects of animal cruelty and neglect are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  

  For more information about the Humane Society of Adams County, or to apply to adopt Charlie the pony, please visit the animal shelter’s website at or email them at Adoption application can be found on the website.


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