Board of Elections Certifies Results


The Adams County Board of Elections met last week to officially certify the results of the 2020 general election.  As required by law, the Board transmitted the results to the Office of Secretary of State Frank LaRose.  Current serving board members are: Carol Knauff (R), Keith Swearingen (D), Donna Gray (R), and Davina Cooper (D).  Voter turnout was record high for this election with 12,280 voters for a 71.20% voter turnout.  In 2016, voter turnout was 68.35%.  

The only race in question was the alcohol option in Brush Creek Township for 1st Stop to be able to sell beer, wine, and mixed beverages.  On election night, the issue was passing by just a few votes and after legal additional absentees and provisional ballots were counted, the result stood, and the option was approved.  

Additionally, alcohol sales were approved overwhelmingly for Moyer on the Ohio by the voters of Sprigg Township and for the American Legion in Peebles.  

In the race for Recorder, Republicans ousted long-time Democratic Recorder Mark Tolle.  Recorder-elect Chris Moore is set to take office on January 4th.  The certification shows that Moore gained additional votes after the initial canvass and was victorious 6,607 to 5,272, a difference of 1,335 votes.  

Adams County Coroner David Parrett easily held onto his job after being challenged by Independent candidate Rob Newman.  Parrett defeated Newman 7,568 to 3,891, a difference of 3,677 votes.  

All other levies across Adams County were approved by voters this past election.  


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