Back row L-R: Alex Scott, Colt Johnson, Logan Hanes, Christian Gerth, Nathaniel Day, Drew Reid, Codie Vogler, Keaton Gibbs (orange hoodie) Front row L-R: Ian Ricketts, Hunter Shelton, Ryken Copas, Kaeson Weiner, Kelden Copas, Chase Riley. Submitted Photo

                Boy Scouts from Troop 266 (Peebles) and Troop 60 (West Union) were welcomed by Deputy Estep and Voshall from the ACSO for an afternoon of learning.   The fourteen scouts participating in the event gathered to work on both the Crime Prevention Merit Badge and the Fingerprinting Merit Badge.

Image © Boy Scouts of America

                The Crime Prevention MB focuses on learning how to prevent crimes in their neighborhood and community.   With activities such as    preparing a journal detailed crime and crime prevention efforts in the community, discussions about the role and value of laws in society and designing prevention awareness materials.  Visiting a jail or correctional facility is also one of the requirements.  

                The Fingerprinting MB, one of the most popular Mb’s according to Scouts, BSA, focuses on the history and use fingerprints, the technical skill of taking fingerprints, and the types of fingerprints. 

                The goal of merit badges in scouting is to provide opportunities for scouts to venture in several different areas of study to help explore future career choices and hobbies.  Scouts must earn 21 merit badges to earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout, including 13 required (such as Camping, Cooking, Family Life, First Aid, etc.) and 10 electives from the currently offered 135 available.

Image © Boy Scouts of America


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