The Adams County Ohio Valley School District announced last week that a virtual graduation ceremony will take place in lieu of an in-person graduation. 
This announcement comes after the Ohio Department of Education directed schools districts statewide to hold high school graduation ceremonies virtually instead of in person due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement released last week, the Ohio Department of Education asked schools to honor students in a way that does not pose health risks, noting schools should continue to recognize the importance of restrictions on mass gatherings and events should abide by Ohio’s stay at home order.

“While we understand the significance, tradition and rites of passage many of these events represent, particularly for our seniors, schools should hold events virtually rather than conducting in-person events of this type, and record these events whenever possible and practicable. Congregate graduation ceremonies should not be held,” the statement said.Last week, all three Adams County Ohio Valley high schools posted a message announcing their alternative plan to their social media pages. 
“The Adams County/Ohio Valley School Administrative team met to discuss how Covid-19 impacts the remainder of the 2020 school year.  Regrettably, due to ongoing medical recommendations we will be unable to host Spring Athletics, Spring Banquets, the School Musical or School Proms.

Celebrating the culmination of our senior’s school career is of the upmost importance to us.  Therefore, we are in the process of creating a plan to honor our seniors with an alternative graduation.  The administrative team will be setting up a responsible alternative to the normal graduation ceremony.  We will schedule a time for each graduate to come into the building, with up to four family members, to receive their Diploma.  The process we be videoed of each graduate receiving their diploma, as well as any other speeches, musical selections, etc… that typically accompany graduation.  A compilation of all individual videos will be composed into one Complete Graduation Video.  Each graduate and their families will have access to this final video.”

At this time, Manchester Local School District nor the Adams County Christian School have released plans for graduation. 


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