Local volunteers work to rid county of litter

The roadside clean-up crew in Bratton Township included: Greg and Gigi Neff, Kathy Knauff, Robin Lunsford, Missy Tolle Taylor, Amy and Steve Hedrick.

Adams County resident Rae Vogler spotted a problem and now she’s on a mission to fix it. Vogler and a team of volunteers who call themselves “TrashTalk!” are taking a stand against litter bugs and cleaning local roadways.
“We have a beautiful landscape here in Adams County. My family and I have traveled to numerous states, and one thing other places seem to have under control is their litter problem,” said Vogler.

After realizing that local and county government does not have employees assigned to clean-up litter, Vogler decided to take action. “We don’t have village and township employees who do litter control as part of their routine job like other places do. We also don’t have recycling receptacles at businesses or public places to prompt people to think before pitching.” Vogler continued, “We do have numerous recycling drop-off locations, but that isn’t cutting it.”

Vogler decided to create a local effort, organically grown by social media in her quest to make Adams County clean again. So far, over the past few weekends, the group has removed nearly 40, 55-gallon bags of trash from Liberty Township. In Brush Creek Township, the group collected 500 pounds of trash from township roads, and another 500 pounds from State Route 125. In Bratton Township, volunteers filled a 12-foot trailer full of 55-gallon bags full of trash along with tires from county and township roads. This past weekend, volunteers removed 26, 60-gallon bags of litter and some tires.

Vogler says the group plans to tackle Tiffin and Sprigg Township next. If you are interested in participating, the group will meet on the east side of the County Courthouse on April 27 at 10 a.m. for Tiffin Township clean-up. To assist with Sprigg Township, volunteers can meet on May 4th beginning at 9 a.m. at 315 Poplar Flat Road.

“To many people use the roadway as their trash can,” said Vogler. “Driving on these litter strewn roads daily is really distracting to me, so I have to do something to change this.” Vogler and the group of volunteers hopes more residents will become involved to maintain the natural beauty of Adams County.

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