AC/OVLSD to hold meeting to discuss privatization of school transportation


The Adams County Ohio Valley School District is looking at the idea of privatizing bussing arrangements. According to Board of Education member David Riley, the Board of Education met with Petermann Bus Company to discuss a possible collaboration.

According to their website, Petermann Bus Company provides safe and reliable transportation to students across the state of Ohio, transporting more than 71,000+ students daily.

“The board did meet with Petermann Bus Company this past week for the FIRST time. We were introduced to the idea of contact [sic] bussing,” said Riley. “We have not been provided any data or proposals or yet.”

According to Riley, this was the first meeting between the district and Petermann Bus Company.  “This was a Q & A or information gathering meeting. Through the representation of our bus drivers, the board is being requested to provide: better pay, cheaper insurance, more hours for bus drivers,” said Riley.

“I can only speak for myself but it is my intention as a member of that board, elected by the tax paying public, to gather all of the info possible to help meet the requests of our people.” Riley added.

“We always encourage public participation at our board meetings. Actually, that is why we are holding them in different buildings across the district. If anyone in the district has ideas or solutions to help meet the requests being made through their representatives, we would love to hear your ideas.”

Although still in the early process, one question remains “What would happen to the current bus staff?”

According to Petermann Bus Company’s website, current employees are top priority.  “Current transportation employees are an important concern for us…It is in our best interest to retain as many of these employees who meet our employment standards as possible. Because they are familiar with the community, the parents, and the children, it’s a win-win scenario to be able to hire current staff. These employees receive first consideration for all available positions. The drivers who come to work for Petermann will receive a competitive wage package as agreed to by the school district. All drivers will be required to pass a drug and alcohol screening, a criminal background check, and a driving evaluation. This will ensure they meet the high standards both the school district and Petermann agree are necessary to run a safe and efficient school transportation program.”

According to the Ohio Department of Education, Adams County Ohio Valley School District has one of the largest school transportation system in the state of Ohio.

The Adams County Ohio Valley School Board of Education will meet May 7 at the West Union Church of Christ to further discuss the possible collaboration.

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