Joe Himes on a fire run

Joe Himes, Manchester’s old- est EMT celebrated his 70th year of life last Tuesday with family and friends. For the last forty-five plus years, Himes has dedicated his life to teaching and helping people. He spent more than thirty years teach- ing English and as a guidance counselor. Himes also coached multiple sports, which include, track & field, girls’ basket- ball and Volleyball. Himes also has been a Manchester fire- fighter for fifty years. Himes’s son, Joey said, “His gen- tle demeanor, quick to laugh and smile allowed him to be called on in tense sit- uations to settle tem- pers and to negotiate a positive outcome.” He went on to say, “He could be count- ed on to help out his colleagues when they needed him to cover their calls. I’m certain you could count on both hands the num- ber of times he has said no to one of his brothers. Never once did I hear him com- plain or did he feel taken for granted.” “Our fam- ily has sacrificed not seeing him many times, but deep down we knew that help- ing others and work- ing for his commu- nity is in his blood. He would be lost if he wasn’t doing what he loves. “ said Himes’s wife, Cindy. She went on to say, “He is a great role model for our com- munity. He has put in so many hours for people who are com- plete strangers during squad runs or fire runs to help people in some of the worst times in their lives. If you needed something and he could help in any way he would.” “Some know Manchester as a small town, like the one found on the television show, ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’ Many could compare Himes to Andy Grif- fith’s character, his mannerisms, wisdom, and how he is always putting others first.” Many people look to retire at the age of sixty-five, but Himes is going strong. When asked about re- tirement Himes said he’s not ready to re- tire. “As long as I can walk and lift I will continue to work.” Joe and Cindy Himes have five children, David, Lana, Andrea, Joseph, and Jennifer. They also have sev- eral grandchildren.

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