Artectis employees working through the Open House that took place on Saturday.

As details surface of the official announce of the closure of DP&L’s power plants, an up and coming business opens in Manchester giving hope to the small community and surrounding areas. Artectis, located on US Route 52 in Manchester is an IT firm providing a one-stop-shop for all ones needs providing services from computer fixes to application problems.

The founders understood that in this ever changing environment it was becoming difficult for business to articulate and understand their needs on a technical level leading to an enormous disconnect between their needs and expectations being met by their IT providers.

Artectis is giving Manchester residents like Shawna Ballinger hope. Ballinger sworked for Avon as customer service for more than fourteen years and then worked for converges supporting AT&T and was laid off after a year. Councilwoman Christine Henderson calls the new business a “blessing” “It’s very positive for the Village of Manchester! Artectis Technology will employee several citizens and several businesses will also receive business from those employees such as General local stores, food and gas businesses! It’s a start! It is a Blessing!” Artectis wanted to ensure that they could hire people locally, regardless of their experience in the IT field. To ensure that everyone could perform best to their ability, the company required a 30 days paid training class. With this training, Artectis was able to bring people in for the training with as little as no experience at all to some people even having degrees in the IT field. All of companies hires are Adams County residents. Over the weekend, Artectis held an open house to the community to show the renovated building and new office space located beside 5/3 Bank.

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